Marriage Ceremony Contract


Empty Cross Ministries

Marriage Ceremony Contract

The following officiant of Empty Cross Ministries

Rev.Dr. David Stembaugh, D.D.

being duly authorized by law to conduct marriages according to the laws of this state, will on the ___ day of _______, 20__ at_____o’clock in the city of

_________, Indiana officiate and solemnize the marriage of __________ and ___________.


** Anticipated number of guest________

Rehearsal ( if applicable)

Rehearsal to be held ________day of_____20__ at



Rain backup location:

For an outdoor wedding where inclement can prove disastrous a backup location is necessary. If different from above please include locale:


Elopement Package $250.00___________

Basic Wedding Package

$350.00 ___________

Romantic Package

$400.00 ___________

(a) Unity Candle

$25.00 ____________

(b) Rose Ceremony _$25.00___________

(c) Other $25.00____________

Mileage/Travel ____TBD_______

Lodging _____TBD_______

Total ____________

NOTE: If the couple chooses to have Unity candle Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, ect… they are responsible for the purchase of any equipment required for the ceremony.

Nonrefundable retainer

(50% of total fee to hold date open is required)

(return with copy of contract)

BALANCE DUE ____________

(minus retainer)

Please read the fine print. Your signature confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined within this contract.

(Bride and/or Groom)___________________________




 Credit Card

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Click Here to Pay by Card


Check or Money Order made payable to:

David Stembaugh.

FEES/CANCELLATION: Cash payment due day of service for balance of $200 or less. Balance of over $200 invoiced and due 2 weeks prior to services rendered.

TERMINATION CLAUSE: Unruly actions/disorderly conduct from a couple and/or guests is a breach of contract and may incur termination of services.

** GUESTS: Additional fees may be due and payable at time of service if guest lists FAR exceeds the number contractually agreed upon and which fees have been based.

STARTING TIME: Ceremony will start within 10 minutes of agreed start time. If not extra fees will apply at the rate of $15.00 per every 15 minutes the start time is delayed.

(Fee waived in event of actual emergency) An emergency is defined as a catastrophic event or an act of God.

Lastly, the minister retains the right to edit “anything and everything” he is expected to read aloud in public, in order to insure proper decorum and professionalism.

The contract serves as a release for any photographic likeness taken by Empty Cross Ministries to be used in print or electronically for promotional purposes only and guarantees they will not be intentionally exploited in any w