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Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” Acts 12:5 Jail door

Peter’s future did not look too promising as he lay in a dark, dank prison cell. Acts 12 describes his unpleasant position further by detailing that he was chained to guards on either side of him, was unclothed, was locked in a prison with other security outside his chamber, and was facing a death sentence from Herod. No one would have ever suspected he would leave that jail alive. Then a hopeful word came into the story. It is a word that usually indicates that things are going to change. The word is “but” (Acts 12:5), and the situation did change.

Things changed in Peter’s gloomy situation, because those praying got God involved. The impossible was made possible. Guards were not disturbed; however, shackles fell off the prisoner.  An angel got involved, and prison doors flung open on their “own” account. Out walked Peter, a free man!

Just as things got changed for Peter when others started praying, then things can change today when God’s people also seek His help. Sick people have been cured by God’s answering prayer. Fearful, dangerous situations have been changed to peaceable ones when petitions were sent to our heavenly Father. Drunken, runaway parents have had their lives changed and salvaged by the prayers of their loved ones.

Continuous supplications have gotten God involved in putting marriages back together. Prayer prompted God to do miracles at jobs, to help financial situations, to mend relationships, fix broken things, and countless other “hopeless” situations.

For the Christian, calling on God in prayer can change any situation. It should be our first line of defense in battling the troubles we face in this life. There is always hope, when God is involved. There is nothing God cannot do, when a Christian calls on his Father for help! 

Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue.” 

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