Empty Cross Ministries Monday Devotional

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The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”  Isaiah 40:8Bible versions

 God promises many times in the King James Bible that we will always have a copy of his Word. Satan, of course, cannot get God to break His promise, but He has done all he could to confuse people of what God has really said. Even in the Garden of Eden, Satan controlled the serpent to confuse Eve of what God actually said: “. . . Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Satan knew exactly what God commanded Eve to do, but by changing and challenging what God said, he got her to break God’s commandment. Because of this confusion, the first sin was committed, and we have been paying for it ever since. He is still behind the changing and questioning of God’s Word, the Bible

Satan knows the value and importance of God’s Word, and has never stopped confusing man with what God has said. We have one true Word of God, preserved exactly how it was given to the leaders, kings, prophets, disciples, and scribes to whom God dictated it. In the English language, it is the King James Bible, also known as the Authorized Version of 1611. It is the version Satan hates the most, because he knows how pure and powerful it is.

To this day, many believe Satan is still working to put doubt on what God has really said. Surely, he is behind the over two hundred different bible perversions. Each one claims to make it easier and clearer, but each are changing biblical doctrines and principles by deleting verses, and adding and changing words. They are clearly not the same as the old King James. Many of the newer versions have thousands of changes. Although the author of confusion (Satan) is in the midst of ALL of the new versions, the men he uses to pervert and alter God’s word have many reasons for their changes. Here are some of them:

  • They do not like what it says. Rather them humble themselves and change their thinking and behavior to align with God’s commands, they alter his word. The modern day Bible “translators” and Bible re-writers are much like King Jehoiakim when the Word of God was read to him (Jeremiah 36). He didn’t like what it said, so after it was read to him, he had the pages cut out and burned. If a modern re-writer does not believe what that Bible teaches on Hell, they change all references that have to do with the eternal torment of that place. Those that do not like the teaching of the deity of Christ, His blood atonement and many other Bible truths change them in their “new” translations. Just as God regave the word after it was destroyed by Jehoiakim, He still has it preserved in the King James Version, even though many try to change it. Rewriting the truth does not change what is truth, however.
  • They want the readers to think the way they do. The Jehovah Witnesses have their Bible to defend their false teachings – the New World Translation. Catholics have the doctrine the way they want in their Douay-Rheims, Confraternity, Revised Standard Version, New International Version, New Jerusalem and many other versions. Religions that don’t want you to know that Christ is the son of God, that His shed blood is what saves you, and that good works cannot save from Hell have their editions also. They figure, if you read it the way they have rewritten it, you will believe their way.
  • They change the wording so the Word of God will not convict or bother them. Those that are bothered by what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, drinking, history, Christ’s virgin birth, the trinity, Christ’s return, telling others about Christ, corruption of the Word of God, that God is male, and hundreds of other teachings, have created their versions that alter it the way they would like it read. When they read their version, they will not feel bad or convicted about their life-style, actions, sin, or thinking.
  • They change it so many will not go to Heaven or be strong Christians. Satan is behind the different Bible deceptions because he wants to keep as many as he can out of Heaven. That is why the doctrine of salvation is altered in the new versions. If they are saved, he wants to keep them from growing and being strong Christians by knowing the full truth so they can obey it. The unsaved and weak Christians hate it when a believer is strong and obeying more of the Bible than they do or want to.
  • They want to make money! God saw to it that His true Word, preserved in the King James Bible, would be free to all mankind. The new “bibles” all initially made or are making money for the authors. There are copyrights on all editions other then the King James. Money is a strong reason for new versions. To be able to have a copyright there have to be many changes — and that explains much of why there are so many deletions and additions to God’s Word.

We still have the inspired, preserved, inerrant Word of God within the covers of the King James Version. Do not fall for the new version’s sales pitch that it is trying to help you and make the Bible easier to understand. It is not man’s intellect that applies the Book’s words to our heart and lives. It is the Holy Spirit of God that shows us what it means anyway (I Corinthians 2:13-14). Man’s efforts to make it clear cannot do what only the Holy Spirit of God can do for us.

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