Victory Through Strength

I find that as I get older my body is beginning to fail. My pancreas no longer produces enough insulin to keep my blood sugar at normal levels without taking medicine, I have had a major attack at sometime and did not know it, now I have a blocked coronary artery that nothing can done about, not even a stint will stay in. And I have to take medicine now to keep my blood pressure down, and of course medicine for the heart. And now, of course, medicine to fight the anxiety and depression that comes with these things and the other difficulties that life throws at us. Why am I putting these things out there? No, I am not looking for symapthy. In spite of these things my faith has grown stronger. I have grown closer to the Lord. My path has been different than most, perhaps because I am different. Lets just say that I am a nonconformist, and I think that is a good thing because that is how God wired me! With these things said, I encourage everyone to follow God and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I lean on Jesus every day to keep me from harm, I lean on Jesus every day to show me the right path to walk down. Do I miss the mark at times? Yes, I do! I lean on Jesus to forgive me and pick me up when I fall! I don’t have the stamina or the physical strength that I once had, but I know, every step I take, it is Jesus holding me up, helping me move forward. I still have a lot of work to do on this earth and my mission from the Lord is not yet complete, I will lean on Him to guide my footsteps, I will lean on Him for the strength that I need to complete the tasks He has for me each day.

My point is that you need to follow the Lord, and He will see you through every challenge victoriously. If you have not accepted the gift of grace now is the time to come to Jesus!


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