The Epistles!

The Epistles!
Now we come to the Epistles! Oh wait…. you don’t know what an epistle is? That word means letter! So we now come to the letters written to the early churches, most of them but not all were penned by the Apostle Paul. These letters were the foundation for early churchdoctrine and even still today they are the basis for modern day church doctrine( at least they should be! There lately seems to be a step away from that and some churches are falling into the trap of listening to the culture rather than to God!) There are 21 Epistles or letters, the order they are is that the more lengthy letters are first and the shorter correspondence is nearer the end of the canon.
We will memorize the order five at time like we have been doing, the first five epistles are:
I Corinthians
II Corinthians

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