How do We Know the Bible is True?


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How do We Know the Bible is True?

The Bible was written by forty different human authors under to direction of the Holy Spirit. These authors were allowed to use their own style and their own rhetoric but the words are God’s Words. These authors were separated by distance and time, hundreds of miles and at times centuries, yet the Bible contains an internal consistenccy that could have only come from one mind, that would be the mind of God. The Bible is an accurate historical record, the Bible is an accurate geological record, the Bible is an accurate archelogical record, the Bible is scientifically accurate. The prophecies in the Bible thus far have been 100% accurate in their fulfillment. Even naming names at times centuries before the events prophesied happened. The most important proof that the Bible is Absolute Truth is that of CHANGED LIVES! Lives that have been changed after a serious study of the scriptures speaks for itself.

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