Empty Chairs at Christ Mass

The closer we get to the celebration of Christ, the more the memories of past celebrations come rushing into mind. The good, and the bad. Both have had an impact. Many of us have “empty chairs” at these celebrations. Some chairs have been empty for a very short time others have been empty for a many years. I have two Nativity scenes, and as we were setting up the Christmas tree, I discovered that neither one has a baby Jesus. One, I know what happened to. It was placed in our granddaughters casket that was still born a few years back, the other, I think was lost in my recent move. As I think about the empty chairs, I think about the empty cradle. The granddaughter that was still born, well, that was near Christmas time. Empty cradles, empty chairs, empty arms. Now that I have severely depressed everyone, even in that hard Christmas there was joy to be found. Our Saviour was born that night. That was a hard Christmas too. Jesus was born in a stable, now back then that was usually a cave. His cradle was a feeding trough for animals. How depressed Joseph must have been! How worried must Mary had been! Yet angels announced the birth of the Messiah to simple poor shepherds! They rejoiced! This hard first Christmas brought joy to someone! My point is that no matter how hard your circumstances are, there is joy to be found in the celebration of Christ! Not in the glitter and tinsel of the world but in that animal stall, we may have empty chairs and empty cradles, but we also have some other things that are empty, the cross is empty, the tomb is empty and yes, even now Jesus cradle is empty. Focus on Christ, listen to and sing the Christ centered hymns and focus on Him. He left the cradle to suffer and die as a sacrifice for your sins and my sins. He left the cradle to be tortured and die on the cross at Golgatha. He left the cross to be buried in a borrowed tomb. He left the tomb and now sits at the right hand of God. He has atoned for all the sins of the whole world. And that, my friends is what Christ Mass is all about. And that brings hope and joy and gladness. Focus on the Redeemer, focus on the Jesus the King! Have a very blessed Christ Mass!
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